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Learn Well Stipend


Stipend Intent: Continuous Quality Improvement and professional growth, in early learning and care settings, require additional time investments on the part of the early learning and care (ELC) workforce. This stipend is intended to promote the investments of additional time outside of the typical workday, made to improve quality, and promote professional growth, by offering a stipend for additional time investments. 

Equitable Access: To ensure that the stipend-fund allotment is offered equitably throughout the SDQPI workforce, Transitional Kindergarten (TK) staff and Special Education teachers employed by school districts will not be eligible for this stipend. TK and Special Education, within school districts, are part of an education system that receives higher levels of funding, resources, and accessibility than infant, toddler, or preschool programs. An annual salary cap for each provider of $89,242.12 will be additionally implemented, based on the San Diego County Self-Sufficiency Standard Dashboard

Application for Participation: Workforce members who wish to take part in the SDQPI Learn Well Stipend will apply directly through the CA ECE Workforce Registry and complete all required tasks listed within this Learn Well Stipend website. To apply, log in to the CA ECE Workforce Registry and click the “Stipends & Pathways” menu option, then select “Application”. Applicants who need further support may view this webinar on how to apply for a stipend in the Workforce Registry: in English | in Spanish

Stipend Calculations: ELC workforce members and data representatives from center based organizations may receive a base stipend amount. Staff in SL/ELC/FCC/FFN roles also supporting data tasks will receive an additional percentage amount for data representative work. The base stipend amount will depend on the total number of eligible applicants and will be established within the fourth quarter of the program year. One stipend will be allocated per person/applicant. The stipend amount may vary based on the role/s the applicant holds. The Site Leader will verify the role/s of each applicant and the stipend amount will be calculated accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria

Stipend Applicants Must:

  1. Demonstrate active employment working with children and families throughout the year and remain actively engaged with children and families by the time of role confirmation by site leader in May 2024. 

  2. Complete all required tasks and role-specific responsibilities, at an SDQPI participating program, verified within the Workforce Registry. 

  3. Keep Workforce Registry profile up to date, with information that includes but is not limited to employment, education, permits and/or credentials, and ongoing professional learning activities. 

  4. Have and share a social security number within the W-9 form. TIN or EIN numbers will not be accepted. 

  5. Serve in at least one of the following roles: 

  • ELC Provider 
    • Teacher/Lead Teacher/ Co-Teacher/Floater Teacher 
    • Assistant Teacher/Instructional Assistant 

    • Assistant Site Leader (one per site) 

  • FCC/FFN Provider 
    • Family, Friend, and Neighbor Provider 
    • Family Child Care Home Provider-Site Leader 

    • Family Child Care Home Provider-Assistant 

  • Data Representative (Center-Based Only)
    • Staff in other roles also supporting data tasks will receive an additional percentage amount for data representative work
  • Site Leader (one per site)

Required Tasks for ALL Stipend Applicants

IMPORTANT NOTICE To maintain contractual and funding mandates, required tasks will only be accepted within the timeframe below. Tasks submitted outside of the timeframes established below will result in loss of stipend eligibility. It is recommended that tasks are completed early, before the due date, to avoid issues that may arise from unforeseen emergencies, tech-related challenges, etcetera.

For more information please read the following:

Site Leader and Data Representative Responsibilities


Contact the Learn Well Stipend Team via email at: