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Talk, Read, Sing

From the day we are born, we begin learning. As your children’s brain develops, the simple acts of talking, reading and signing with them will give them the tools they need to thrive.

First 5 San Diego’s Talk, Read, Sing campaign emphasizes the importance of communicating with your child by talking, reading and singing to them every single day to encourage language and brain development. The goal is for children to hear 30,000 words every day starting at birth, which includes regular conversations, reading books to them and playing songs for them.


Talking is a brain building activity. Each time you talk with a baby and have a high-quality interaction, new connections are made in the baby’s brain. Have conversations by narrating the actions you take throughout the day and use a variety of facial expressions. Also, respond verbally to gestures or noises such as cooing, pointing or clapping.


The most important language stimulation you can provide babies and toddlers is reading to them. Children can be read to no matter how young they are, whether it be through reading books to them or simply reading words you see out in the real world.


The act of rhyming, singing, and talking, starting at birth, profoundly influences literacy and language development, which are the foundations for all other learning. Use known nursery rhymes or make up songs with silly meanings to help build up memory and stimulate motor skills. Warning – singing may turn into dance parties!